Branding & Event Design

Harvest, the first of a dinner series, focused on the dichotomy of light and dark, growth and death, and bounty associated with fall harvest. Nitewerk designed two dining rooms representing lightness and darkness using locally grown food and plant life. Nitewerk created promotional materials, featuring still-life photography styled by the studio; designed installations and tablescapes, including pagan harvest ritual statues; and organized poetry readings.

“As the balance of day and night shifts and darkness overtakes the light, we gather to celebrate what the earth has bestowed upon us. Embracing all things autumnal and lunar, we explore the rituals that represent the duality of life on this planet, gathering and giving thanks.”

2013 / Client: LBO Productions

Promo photography: Ratko Radojcic / Event photography: Lucy Hewett / Event coordinator: Stephanie Jokich / Food: Marco Bahena / Beverages: Mae Governale